The best barbecues for summer

I Migliori Barbecue per estate

There's nothing like taking advantage of the good weather to make plans abroad and enjoy a good time with our favorite people. Can you think of anything better than enjoying the best ones barbecue summer? Neither do we! Because summer is synonymous with grilling, sun and diving.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or a terrace, the possibilities of having barbecues and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere and the pleasure of a good barbecue are multiplied. But if not, don't worry. Here are some tips along with the best charcoal barbecues And to their accessories to succeed with embers this summer, even from a mini balcony.

The perfect barbecue exists and it's portable!

You are with your friends or family and the big question that triggers everything arises, what if we had a barbecue? It's your time! We will tell you how to organize the perfect barbecue and successfully enjoy a perfect day.

First: you need a barbecue right now. If you don't have clear ideas about best bbq to start with , you'll want to start with a charcoal one.
They are a classic that never hurts and, once you become familiar with the embers, the smoky flavor of the charcoal on meat, fish or vegetables is pure fantasy for the palate.

Mini portable tabletop barbecue

This is one of the best barbecues you can choose to start with. It is small, portable, foldable and very economical, making it the perfect candidate for barbecues in small spaces (such as terraces, balconies, etc.) or to surprise your partner with a romantic barbecue for just two. Thanks to the magazine rack design of this one mini table barbecue , if you run out of embers you can easily add charcoal.
And the best of all? Once you're done barbecuing, it won't be another trash, you just need to fold it up and it takes up very little space.

Portable folding charcoal barbecue

If you're the king or queen of barbecuing, this is it folding barbecue InnovaGoods is for you. You can take it wherever you want, place it on a flat, heat-resistant surface and voila! It is also ideal to take with you on holiday, camping or in a van for example. It's lightweight, it's very easy to assemble and disassemble, it has a removable grate to add charcoal when needed and a protective grate so the food doesn't burn. You will be a hit with all your guests whatever your recipe!

BBQ accessories you didn't know you needed

If after reading everything we've told you before you want even more, read on! Because making a barbecue is an art, but you need the right accessories. If you want to dominate the embers and be successful with grilled dishes like Carmen Lomana likes, you need the best barbecue accessories . You can't miss these:

Fish barbecue

The best barbecues are the ones with variety. In addition to meat, you can make many delicious grilled fish that everyone will like. And for that you need this fish grill iron non-stick . It is very comfortable to use thanks to its extra long wooden handle so as not to burn yourself and, in addition, it has a safety ring closure so that the grill does not open during cooking or when you turn it upside down.

18-piece barbecue case

If you want to be able to make the best barbecues of the summer, you need this case. In it you have eighteen barbecue utensils in stainless steel to prepare the best grilled recipes. Among them you will find: a spatula for turning food, a brush for painting sauces, tongs, skewers of all sizes, a long fork and knife and even a brush for scratching the grill and leaving it spotless.

BBQ mat

This invention you did not expect! It's a reusable grill mat and it's super handy for cooking vegetables or those small or chopped foods that would otherwise be impossible to cook on a grill. In addition, it is also ideal for not mixing flavors or preventing the grill from getting too dirty with grease. And as an extra bonus, you can also use it as reusable baking paper. Believe us, you will definitely succeed with it!

Tricks to make the best barbecue of the summer

Once you have the right barbecue and accessories, it's time to get to work. We leave you here some tips and tricks to make the best barbecues this summer.

  • Lighting the embers is a matter of skill and patience. Start well in advance, at least an hour before planning dinner or lunch.

  • Use the right products to get it on fire quickly and easily, such as gels, tablets, and a good lighter .
  • Do not start cooking if there are still flames. The embers must be uniform to distribute the heat throughout the drawer.
  • When the coals are red hot, it's time to get started!
  • To get the point of meat and fish, just twist and turn. Do not start turning the food, first one side and then the other.
  • The best way to add oil is to use a spray oil can so it permeates all the food well.
  • Extra trick: if adding food stokes the flames, add a little salt to reduce them.