Reinvent the kitchen

Reinventa la Cucina

It's hard for me to pronounce it too, but the vegetable spiralizer is a real invention in the world of cooking. You don't know what it is? It's a simple tool for spiraling vegetables in just a few simple steps, which is the main reason why it has become trendy among the most experienced chefs and cooks around the world. It's a fun and original way to add more veggies to your weekly menu and is sure to please everyone in the house, even the little ones. With this spiralizer, you can cut vegetables into spaghetti shapes and prepare more creative side dishes.

InnovaGoods vegetable spiralizer: the most convenient and easiest to use

A spiral vegetable cutter cannot be missing in your kitchen ! There are many reasons to have one at home, and that's because this utensil is capable of transforming vegetables into noodles to make your dishes more fun and healthy.
This Innovagoods model is super simple and comfortable to use and what we like best is that it takes up very little space, so storing it in any drawer is not a problem. It has stainless steel blades with quality blades that have a very good cut and, moreover, we can put it in the dishwasher without any problem.

How do you use the vegetable spiralizer?

While it's a very intuitive tool, it never hurts to remember a few tricks to get the most out of your new cutter.

  • Pick and wash the vegetables : in the spiralizer you can use ingredients such as courgettes, carrots, turnips, cucumbers, etc. The first thing we will do is wash the vegetables and then dry them well with paper or a cloth. Keep in mind that once they're made into spirals, it wouldn't be so convenient to wash them.
  • Insert and clip the vegetable : once cleaned, insert it into the appliance and hook it up with the lid. This lid has small teeth or "skewers" so that the vegetables hold well and do not slip.

  • Turn the knob and let the magic happen! In a few seconds you will see how your vegetable spaghetti turns out. The first time you do it, it's a real rush.

3 quick and creative recipes to renew your spiralizer

Did you know that the spaghetti that comes out of our spiralizers has a name? In the world of gourmets they are known as zoodles . So, don't be surprised if you look for some recipes and read this name. Now, here I leave you three simple dishes so that you can start your creativity and successfully launch your own vegetable spiralizer. You will look like a real gourmet chef if you have visitors!

  • Zucchini spaghetti with garlic and prawns
    Prepare your zucchini spirals, fry the garlic in aluminum foil and remove them. In the same pan, add the peeled shrimp with a little cayenne pepper. Once done, add the garlic slices and spaghetti to brown everything. Season to taste and you're done!
  • Buddah bowl with beetroot noodles
    Make beet spirals with your new spiralizer and set aside. Arrange in a large, circular dish: a handful of lentils, the lamb's lettuce, the roasted aubergines, the quinoa and the beetroot tagliatelle. In the center of the plate, add a few tablespoons of hummus and season to taste with a drizzle of oil, salt and lemon juice.

  • Courgette and carrot spiral salad with figs, cheese and walnuts
    First, spiral the zucchini and carrot and put them in a bowl. Make a combination with oil, mustard, lemon juice and vinegar and add it to the vegetables. Peel and wash the figs, cut them into quarters and add them. Add the diced cheese along with some cracked walnuts. You can also add sesame seeds. Season to taste and you're done!

    As you can see, the fame of the vegetable spiralizer it is absolutely deserved. With it you can make many original, healthy and quick recipes, suitable for everyone: children, vegetarians, vegans, etc. Plus it's addictive: once you start making your first vegetable spaghetti you won't be able to stop